Fading Castles

Stone monuments, built brick by brick.
Carefully crafted, reaching to the sky.
A symbol of power, a symbol of wealth.
Representing the land.
Embodying the hope of all.

These stone walls once held
the center of the known world.
Great honor to those who enter,
these walls have seen all.

They saw glorious wars,
wondrous victories,
the rise and fall of kingdoms,
secret loves, hidden lives,
hidden affairs, carefully crafted betrayals,
deaths by poison, blade, age.
A silent witness to history,
withstanding the tests of time.

Time has past, kingdoms have fallen.
All that once was is gone.
The walls now stand alone,
a testament to the greatness that was.
They remain
undefeatable, unshakeable.
A door into a world
that many would never believe
existed if not for what was left

Even though what once
was is now gone,
if you close your eyes
and listen,
these stone sentries will
whisper to you.
Whisper memories,
tales of kingdoms long past.
Listen closely, and let their tales
flow over you.
Believe, and you may learn something
from these slowly fading castles.