Flash Fiction

This is a collection of flash fiction pieces I have written over the years.
They were inspired by various writing prompts.

Keeping Secrets

A creeping sensation nagged at my mind. I should tell him. I should come clean. I should tell him what is really going on, but I cannot. Something prevents me from speaking. When he asks me whats wrong, I just shrug and say nothing. He takes me at my work and goes on about his business. I curse myself for having to lie to him, but there is no way he can know. If anyone were to find out, to find out my secret, all would be lost. My world would crumble and everyone I love would suffer if my secret were to get out. No one can know who I really am. No one can know what I really am. I must pretend that I am just like everyone else, an act which crushes my very soul at sometimes, to make sure that the world continues to spin. It is a dark secret, a secret worth keeping, a secret that could bring down everything we have ever known crashing around our ears. It is my burden and I bear it alone.

Going Home

It happened without my noticing it at first. The air grew warmer and the bees began to buzz about the flowers. The brightening atmosphere had an obvious effect on the townspeople. People spent more time outside doing their laundry, allowing themselves to relax. Children escaped out the front door and ran around, chasing each other through the tall grass. Squeals of laughter filled the air as the girls gave chase to the boys who pushed them into the flowers. Never before had the people of the valley seen such a spring. It was by far the best spring of my life.

After a long trek across the known world with my beloved, it was a long time since I had seen my home. Many years had passed and I worried that my family would not recognize me. So much has changed since I met him, my beloved. I have seen so much, learned so much, and in my time in the valley waiting for the snow to melt I started my own family. Even though the people of the valley were perfectly accepting, the valley was not my home. So, when I noticed the snow thawing I began to pack my things. Before we left I said my thanks to the leader of the town and thanked the people.

“Are we going home now, mommy?” my precious daughter asked.

“Yes, darling. We are.”

What I really am

It was dangerous, but I had to do it. We had to get out of there as fast as possible. He looked at me, fear in his eyes, desperate for a way out, for an explanation. I did not mean to drag him into this, I really did not. I knew this would happen if I let him get close. I thought it was safe. I thought I had lost the hunter in my last move, but apparently, I was wrong. Now he and I are crouched in the bushes and the trees, far from any sign of civilization. I took a moment to assess the situation and determined it was my only choice. A twig snapped far away; the hunter was coming closer. Taking a deep breath, I let it happen.

It started slowly at first, rippling across my skin. Its been far too long since I last changed. The pace quickens and soon I am in my normal form. I stretch out my neck and legs, testing out my wings. I looked to my companion and he was wavering.

Hop on my back, we do not have much time.

“You…you…You’re a…”

Yes, I am. You can trust me. I will protect you.

He nodded, pale, and did as I instructed. With that I took off, hoping he would forgive me.

I should have told him, trusted him. Now he knows.


I crouch low in the bushes, scared, hiding from the soldiers. This is the third week of the chase and even though I have not seen them in a while, I still worry. The queen blames me for the death of the king. Now I am on the run, having done nothing wrong. The sun is going down, so I look for somewhere to sleep. Lacking anywhere better to go I duck into a nearby cave, delving deep inside. After hours of wandering, I am completely surrounded by darkness and I realize that I am lost. I begin to worry but suddenly I see a light. I follow the light and what I see at the end of the tunnel surprises me.

“And who would you be?” one of the dwarves asks.

“They call me Snow White. I need help.”

Sweet, sweet magic

“Gretel, I am telling you we’re lost,” he complains.

“Oh shut it, Hansel. We are not lost. I know exactly where we are going,” I snap. Since we went into business together, he has been nothing but annoying. He questions everything I do, never mind I have been in this business longer than he has. A few minutes later we reach our destination. It is a large, interesting house.

“Is it just me or is that house made out of…?”

“Candy? Yes.”

A woman stands waiting for us in the garden. She is older, a witch.

“Hello, ma’am. How may we help you today?” I ask cordially.

“I need to disappear,” she replies. Upon closer inspection, I realize she is blind.

“We can make you disappear, for a price.”

The Rebellion

“A letter from Sergeant Callaway,” the messenger called. I looked up from lacing my boot. Messages are common in the compound but it had been a while since I got one.

“Right here, sir,” I said, standing. He came over and handed me the letter. I nod thanks and sit down on my cot. The envelope is different, thicker than normal. My good friend and partner Lt. Eric Dunhollow came up behind me and looked over my shoulder. Being completely used to this, I ripped the letter open and pulled out the paper. As my eyes ran over the words, my brain tried to comprehend them. My hands started to shake and Eric sat down on my cot, putting his arm around me.

They are dead. Everyone in my family is dead. What makes matters worse, if such a thing is possible, is that I know I could have stopped it. I spent most of my life preparing and learning how to battle the shadows. If I had been there, I could have saved them. Now I am all that is left. I am an orphan and it is all my fault. I should have known this would happen. I should have seen it coming.

I flinched slightly as Eric put his arm around my shoulder.

“You were right, Eric. I should have listened to you,” I whispered, loud enough for only him to hear. His arm tensed. “I want to be on the next convoy to the rebellion.”