Going Home – Flash Fiction

It happened without my noticing it at first.  The air grew warmer and the bees began to buzz about the flowers.  The brightening of the atmosphere had an obvious effect on the townspeople.  People spent more time outside doing their laundry, allowing themselves to relax. Children escaped out the front door and ran around, chasing each other through the tall grass.  Squeals of laughter filled the air as the girls gave chase to the boys who pushed them into the flowers.  Never before had the people of the valley seen such a spring.  It was by far the best spring of my life.

After a long trek across the known world with my beloved, it was a long time since I had seen my home.  Many years had passed and I worried that my family would not recognize me.  So much has changed since I met him, my beloved.  I have seen so much, learned so much, and in my time in the valley waiting for the snow to melt I started my own family.  Even though the people of the valley were perfectly accepting, the valley was not my home.  So, when I noticed the snow began to fall I began packing my things.  Before we left I said my thanks to the leader of the town and thanked the people.

“Are we going home now, mommy?” my precious daughter asked.

“Yes, darling, we most certainly are.”

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